Happy Birthday Babygirl!!!

One year older but time isn’t passing you by
Thank you for being by my side

I Want you to know that you’re a

The way you walk you got it
The way you talk you got it
The way you smile you got it
And you don’t take shit from nobody

I know you a bad little chick that I met around the way(1998)
I see your mind wanted you to leave, but your heart told you to stay

You ain’t got to cry no more, you ain’t got to cry no more
I ain’t telling you I’m perfect but for you I’ll go to war

You’re stuck in my head girl while I’m writing these lines
Couldn’t sing this song without you even if I tried
Let’s live our lives like its our last night

I’m just doing my thing
You love it when I sing
You say it makes you feel like an angel

Holla if you need me
Holla if you want me
I’m hollering cuz I love you
And I’m thankful for the things you do!

With all of me. I want you to know you are the best of me. Happy Birthday!!!



If you attempt something and fail, does that make you a failure? If you’ve never tried, does that make you a failure? If you didn’t learn from your mistake are you a failure?

You may not have exceeded at that one thing or that onetime you thought you should have, but I’m here to tell you, you didn’t fail. You may have wanted to do something and couldn’t, but still you didn’t fail. You may have made a promise and didn’t live up to that promise so therefore you think you failed; but you didn’t.

I’m here to tell you that although in life we’ve all failed at something. And although you feel that you are a failure, due to not completing the task on hand. It’s ok. Stay strong. Keep your head up. Keep moving forward. Know that Failure does not equal Fail. And know that even though you failed, you are still learning. And life is about learning and growing. So the next time you think you fail, remember this…….
Fail is:


Learn from life. Grow from life. Experience from life. Remember from life. And please don’t think of yourself as a failure… Because your not.

(Unless you’ve repeatedly f***ed up, there’s no hope for you. Grow up, step up and come see me so I can help you learn how not to fail)

New York’s Captain

On his final home game as a Yankee, my eyes were filled with….TEAR2!!!!

You will be missed.. Baseball lost a great player, ambassador but most important a great man!

Hats off to the Baltimore Orioles in defeat for staying and congratulating the captain. Class act! Much re2pect

No Fist League…..

Over the past couple of weeks serious life issues has gotten a big push into our sports world. Especially in the NFL. The violence against women and most recently children has been going on for years folks; but because of social media we are speaking about it more now than before. AND rightfully so. But social media shouldn’t dictate how we react and/or how we deliver the punishment. It’s really simple. It’s between two things. Right and Wrong. And A lot of people got it wrong and are still continuing to do so. I am furious, so I apologize if I say things that offend you.

Ray Rice. On February 15, 2014, he spat twice in the face of his then finance (now wife) then slapped her and finally punched her causing her to fall and hit her head on the elevator rail knocking her out. Based on what the video showed no remorse was shown. In fact reports says he told the security guard just outside of the elevator “she’s just drunk”. The NFL knew this before the video surfaced. Ray told the NFL he punched her, in a behind the doors meeting. And still the NFL gave him a 2 games suspension and the Baltimore Ravens did nothing and our fine judicial system gave him community service. But because of social media the NFL and the Ravens back tracked there earlier statements and punishment and said “we didn’t get it right” and suspended him indefinitely while terminating his contract. There’s only one problem. You already gave him your punishment. He and you (NFL) accepted it and moved on. You can’t go back and charge someone with a stiffer penalty because you didn’t get it right the first time. I’m sorry. Again I’m not saying that he shouldn’t have been penalized because he most definitely should. I’m just saying the stiffer penalty should’ve happened first. There is no place for any man to put his hands on a women. But make no mistake about it, there isn’t a place for women to put there hands on men as well. Ray being a 28 year old running back with a serious image problem has most likely seen his career come to an end. Yes Michael Vick came back into the NFL after killing dogs, but people we’re comparing a human being to a fucking dog!! Let’s Get Serious. But then again, we(human beings) love to give second chances so who knows.

Greg Hardy. Reports indicated that he assaulted his now ex-girlfriend (who happens to be the rapper nelly’s ex as well) earlier this summer. The court found him GUILTY. But because there’s no “video” you people don’t speak out about him. Bullshit. This man hasn’t been suspended nor has his contract been terminated. If you listen to the 911 call or read the reports he almost strangled her to death. It’s a fucking shame. The owner of the Carolina Panthers (the NFL team he plays for) cries during a press conference regarding domestic violence and says (we got it wrong) but still has this man playing on Sunday’s. Again I’m calling BULLSHIT. Now this man is on the exempt list!?!?!! Paid time off basically. He can’t play or be near the facility but he’s still collecting his $749,000 a game check. You get paid when you play! There’s no fucking PTO in the NFL! You should be ashamed!

Adrain Peterson. This situation is a little trickier. He has been put on the exempt list as well due to a possible child abuse case. He whipped his 4 year old son with a switch roughly 12-15 times, leaving marks. He was released on bail. Do I believe AP is a child abuser, NO. Did he go to far in disciplining his son, possibly. Until I am a parent I will and can not criticize someone’s else parenting skills. But what I will say is I understand why AP did what he did. This act of parenting is all he knows. Why. Because that’s how he was raised. His mother spoke out recently since the incident and said she used to whip AP with belts, switches and paddles to teach her son and to keep him off the streets. Up to this point AP has been a seen as a respected individual with a clean record. So I’ll say her method worked. This is a man doing what he knows! In today’s soft ass society too many people are babying this little fuckers. Maybe he went to far with the switch and maybe he just saved this world from another murder, rapist or a nightly news story.

Mill Tunes 6…

It’s ok to show another side of you every now and then… Follow me people!!!!

Mills Tunes 5…

Taking you way back…
back to NY…

To all my peoples in the hood, east coast, west coast, world wide…keep yeah head up!

Mills Tunes 4…

My best friend introduced him to me…
I introduced him to my best friend…

We’ve been to “Hell & Back” Tuffy!!!

Happy Birthday… Much Luv, One Luv, Team KTF