You Can Always Go Home Again

You Can Always Go Home Again

Part 5 of my 2010 NBA Free Agency Series is about a player who spent one year playing college basketball at Georgia Tech.  During his only season there he averaged 15.6 points, 9 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game over the course of 31 games.  He entered the 2003 NBA draft and was the 4th overall pick to the Toronto Raptors.  This player goes by the name of Chris Bosh (CB4).  In his 7 years with Toronto, CB4 (who stands 6’10’’) has averaged 20 PPG and 9 RPG. Those are excellent numbers for a player at the power forward position.  Of course there are numerous franchises looking for a player like him, but I’m only going to tell you which team has a real chance, and where he is going.

Out of 100% I say…

The Toronto Raptors have a 5% chance of resigning their franchise player.   I just feel that CB4 is ready to move on and wants to achieve bigger goals (winning a championship). The chances of that happening  in Toronto are slim to none.  Think about it:  CB4 is Toronto’s all-time leader in (take a deep breath) minutes played, points scored, rebounds (offensive and defensive) free throw made and attempted, blocks, and is also the only Raptor to score 10,000 points.  Phew that was a mouthful, huh.  So you see, he has given the city of Toronto all he can, and sometimes its just time to move forward.  It’s like graduating from high school: it’s time to leave your parents nest.

Next team with the best chance at 15% is, the Miami Heat.  CB4 would be paired up with one of the games best in Dwayne Wade (if he re-signs).  That alone is why I say Miami has a chance.  But also, (need I say it again) it’s south beach people!  He would fit nicely with Michael Beasley (who continues to improve), Mario Chambers (talented guard), and he would replace an aging forward who has lost a step in Jermaine O’Neal.  This team would go places.  But I’ve already found a power forward for this in my previous series, so CB4 isn’t getting any sunshine here.

With a 35% chance I believe it is the New York Knicks.  CB4 and Joe Johnson would make fabulous teammates. (No, CB4 isn’t the “player A” I was talking about earlier.)  Yes, I do understand that since CB4 played for the 2008 USA gold medal team he has a very good relationship with Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni. Something tells me home is where his heart is.  I have nothing against the idea of him coming to New York, I just feel the scene is too big for him to handle.

MILL’S LINE: The team with the highest percentage of 45% and has the best chance, I believe is the Dallas Mavericks.  CB4 is from the Dallas area.  He won a state championship during his high school years, and his whole family still resides in Texas.  Also, if the other superstar, Dirk Nowitzki stays, then that would give the Mavericks a tall and talented tandem.  Similar to the one the San Antonio Spurs had when David Robinson and Tim Duncan were teammates from 1997-2003.  And all they did was win two NBA championships (1999 & 2003).  If a team coming off a second seed in the Western Conference can add a player like Chris Bosh, the current NBA champs just might have their hands full.

(Wildcard team: Atlanta Hawks)

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2 responses to “You Can Always Go Home Again

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  2. Money talks and Cuban isn’t afraid to spend it – so you may just be right!

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